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Bronc Saddles

Bronc Saddles


Saddle Bronc riding is a rodeo sport event in which the rider uses a specialized saddle with free swinging stirrups and no horn.

The saddle bronc rider grips a simple rein braided from cotton or polyester and attached to a leather halter worn by the horse.



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Old Ace says, "This is Irvin Bray's Grandson, Forrest Mallery, May 1, 2011 at Riverdale, California on Big Black!  (a Miller Photo)

The rider lifts on the rein and  attemps to find a rhythm with the animal by spurring forwards and backwards with his feet.  These are Bronc Saddles used for Saddle Bronc Riding and are built on the guidelines of PRCA.

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OLD ACE reflects, "Yea, the greatest bronc rider ever seen was a black Cowboy by the name of Jessie Stall, seen him ride, probably his greatest ride in San Lucas, California back in the 20's , road a horse called "Glass Eye", they give him a $5.00 bill, it was just an exhibition ride cuz they knew if they let him compete he'd win!; he also rode an "exhibition" at Salinas every year!"

Built on the Rules and Guidelines of PRCA Industry Standards

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